Tuesday, 27 February 2007

My working methods

My working methods probably shouldn't be followed since I always tend to work too long on everything I do. But anyway... One of the reasons I work the way I do is that I'm always restless. Can't sit down for more than ten minutes without losing concentration. Naturally this shows in the way I'm drawing. I never, never, never pencil a page without being bored. Instead I start to ink bits and pieces, jumping from one panel to another. A head here and some clothes or background there.
So if something gets "all fucked up" in a panel and I can't find a solution for a pose or so I jump to another panel. Usually the problem will fix itself in my head when I'm working on the other panel. So instead of wasting working time erasing/redoing a panel umpteen times and getting frustrated over what a lousy artist I am I can still work on the page without beeing stuck on one panel. (Today is the day of long sentences, sorry...)

Here are some sample panels from Emma & Sara #149 that I'm working on right now.
(Click on panels to enlarge.)

First a panel from the top row partly inked.

Then a panel from third row fully pencilled.

And finally two panels from the fourth row partly pencilled.

Actually, there is ONE good point in working the way I do and beeing restless. I never tend to sit down crouching over the drawing board too long. Hopefully this will save my back for my old age.
Or I could start exercise...
Ah, eh, forget it...

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