Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Rare Disney stuff

There's a bunch of interesting Disney items for sale by the same seller on eBay right now. (Basement Comics)
Anyone with too much money who wants to buy, scan and share the contents of these rare items?
I'd be happy to post it on this blog. :)
Just look at these eBay photos...

First we have a Hall Brothers Handy Book from July 1935 introducing Donald Duck

Then Pinocchios Christmas party. A giveaway from 1939. Contains comics according to the description...

Then a 1943 giveaway

A Brer Rabbit from 1955. Wonder what's inside this one?

And to round off things a nice Seasons greetings subscription card and a dental examination reminder from the 40's.

And, hey, he's got True Comcis #73 which features the story of Walt Disneys life... Never heard about that one before!

OK! Now I've wetten your appetite. Here's the deal. You buy and I get scans from you since I'm such a nice guy. Deal? ;)


Roewan said...

My great grandparents lived in California back in the 40's and they knew a guy that used to draw for Disney. When my grandfather painted his ceiling he actually drew a Mickey Mouse and Pluto cell for my Great-grandfather as a gift! I don't know if this is a rare item, I would have to go to his house and look at the signature of the artist to find out who it was. :D Pretty cool though. I love Disney stuff!

Unknown said...

Okay The guys name was Larry Clemmons, but my grandpa said he was a writer for Disney. One of the artists at Disney that drew Mickey Mouse quite a bit actually drew it for him, so he could give it to my grandfather. Wow. I'm not sure who the artist was, I would actually have to look at it because my grandfather swears there is no artist signature.