Sunday, 13 April 2008

Tools and workspace Pt.I

Inspired by Wanda Gattino's post on his blog I decided to post some pics of what my work space looks like and wich tools I use. I hope at least some of you can find some interest in this. :)

First we have an overwiew.

Let's take some closer looks:

I might add that I don't necessarily use all of the pens and stuff I have. But you'll never know when they will be in handy.

And some closer looks at what I have on my walls. I pin up stuff I get from friends and other pieces of artwork that gives my inspiration. (Including a deadline schedule... Not everything I have on my walls is fun.):

Here's what my bookshelf looks like:

In part two I'll take a closer look at the tools I use.


Anonymous said...

Your workplace looks really inspiring!

Fabian Gordillo said...

Observando tu tablero de trabajo, o el de Wanda, o el mío, no dejo de preguntarme ¿Como es posible que personas tan distantes geográficamente con una misma profesión tengan elementos y papeles colgados por las paredes dispuestos en forma casi igual? mirando tu estación de trabajo me da la impresión de haber estado allí sin conocerte pues ese lugar es muy parecido al mío.

Un abrazo, Fabián.