Saturday, 7 June 2008

Milton & Jippes

The long awaited Freddy Milton & Daan Jippes volume of "Hall of Fame" has just been released in Denmark.
The book has 14 of the 16 stories they made together in the late 70's, early 80's.
Too bad the last two is missing as one of them is no doubt one of their best. Rumor has it that the finnish edition will include all of them so why not the danish edition?
The illustrations in the bonus material is culled from old issues of Carl Barks & Co. so no new archive searches for unpublished material seems to have been done. Too bad, but I guess it's a matter of time. And money.

It should be noted that this book won't be released I Sweden. So Fans of Milton and Jippes will need to order this one from Denmark. Because even if it has minor flaws (Like placing Jippes afterword before the stories...) the stories and artwork makes this book one of the really essential HoF volumes. Grest stuff, great stuff!


PS. Two questions if any reader knows:
Page 46 states that the cover shown was made for the story "Levertrankonkurrencen" (" Liters lekkere levertraan") but the cover doesn't seem to have anything to do with that story at all, except that both the cover and the story features Donald and Gladstone. Was the cover really made for that story?
Page 12 has the info that Daan drew Spirou. I've seen art he made for Franquins Gaston, but wich Spirou episode did he do? Were does this info come from?


Anonymous said...

Jippes made his Spirou to celebrate Spirou's 70th birthday. You can see it here:
Or on this Forum Franquin


Silvio said...

I live in Brazil.
How on earth I get this?

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Adlibris sells the book in scandinavia
but I have no idea how to order it from Brazil unfortunately.

Håkan / Wakuran said...

Maybe Egmont Denmark is willing to export a copy, if you're willing to pay the toll fee. (Of course, the book is also in Danish.)

Anonymous said...

Cover: this was lifted from a cover I did back in the late 1980’s for Another Rainbow.
For a book on various Donald and Gladstone stories by Barks.
Egmont cut off the top end bottom. And NO, it’s not meant to be related to the ‘levertraan’ story inside. Later in the year, Sanoma Finland will release their own version of the Milton-Jippes book. Different cover. A new version done by me of an older cover relating to the included ‘muddy fine business’ story. This book will present a complete set of our stories. Plus added story comments by both Freddy and me. I supplied never before published sketches, layouts, thumbnails, and cleanups from the time these stories were produced.
What a pity that the bigger part of the interested world will be excluded from enjoying all this! But maybe I’m just speaking for myself, since my command of the Finnish language ain’t what it used to be..
Best, Daan

Håkan / Wakuran said...

It's still impressive that you've even bothered to learn Finnish. There are not many outside Finland who'd bother.
I mean, I live in Sweden, but I know just about nothing, except from what I picked up from bilingual food packages.

Hmmm, the Finnish book might be a better buy than the Danish, although it's probably even harder to understand for most of the Western audience.