Thursday, 21 August 2008

Russell Patterson blog

I just started a Russell Patterson blog.
You can find it at

The blog is open for everyone, meaning that if you got a Russell Patterson cover, illustration, photo or if you own a nice original etc that you want to share you are more than welcome to do so. (No scans from the Fantagraphics book allowed! I encourage all to buy the book instead!)
Just log in with pattersonblog and russellpatterson1 to post and write. Please use the labels function to make the blog searchable. 

I'll add some of the stuff I've posted here before I start to scan and add new stuff. 
Hopefully this new blog will mean that all of us Russell Patterson fans will see "new" and rare artwork by his pen. 

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Anonymous said...

Okej, tidningen heter "Ballyhoo" men jag ser inga ballar... *besviken*