Sunday, 4 October 2009

Felix week - Part IV

To end this "Felix week" here are a few strips from what I believe is the final episode that Wejp-Olsen made himself.
(I've seen later strips by him inked by some one else.)
In this story, "Felix and Hatman", the super hero Hatman is constantly beeing attacked by a mysterious villain. It turns out that the villain actually is the cartoonist that created Hatman. The strips below are from the sequence when Hatman first meets his creator.

How it ends? Well, let's hope someone reprints Wejp-Olsens run on the strip. ;)

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Lars Jensen said...

Joakim, in case you don't already know this: you can find information on Felix at . As far as I can tell, the Felix index is complete. (I might be wrong, though.)