Friday, 10 September 2010

E&S revisited

A quick update if anyone wonders what I'm up to right now, this very moment at a café in Gothenburg, drinking coffee and eating blueberry muffins.
I'm currently working on the 8'th issue of mine, Emma's and Hedvig's "Emma & Sara". This issue will feature all the pages we made in 2008 and sporting a brand new cover by Hedvig. (I hope. Please, Hedvig!)
It will be in black and white with color covers as usual.
If everything falls in to place it will be released at SPX in 2011. :)

I sure miss working with Emma and Hedvig on this bi-weekly page.
It was fun. But nine years is quite a long time for a comic to last nowdays, anyway.
Here are some sample panels in color, from 2008.


Håkan S. said...

So, you have drawn the first three strips, and Hedvig the fourth?

Håkan / Wakuran

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Yep, that's right.