Friday, 29 October 2010

Wheaties Disney Comics & ads

Don't know what kind of mask to wear on Halloween? This ad will make you wish you had a time machine. Then you could go back in time to get this frightening Donald Duck mask from Wheaties.

Scary, eh? I wonder if it was meant for kids to wear, or parents to scare the kids from reading comics...

Here are two more Wheaties ads. I think I found these photos on eBay earlier this year. And while the comic books can easily be found (If you have the money) I bet these ads are pretty rare.

While googling for more on these Wheaties I found a nice set with the original envelope HERE at [Click to enlarge.]

They also have three other sets for those of you who are rich and/or have lot's o' cash to spend. ;)

Even more Disney/Wheaties rare stuff can be found here:

Now, can we please have a complete book with all of the rare Wheaties and Cheerios Disney giveaways (Including the 3D books.) in facsimile? With bonusmaterial.
Thanks! :)

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