Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Popeye x-mas calendar

If you are a fan of Popeye you shouldn't miss Jimmy Wallin's Popeye blog.
It's in Swedish but it's loaded with artwork and comics for your eyes to enjoy.
(You can always use the Google Translated version of the site if you prefer a rough English version of the blog.)
However, don't expect scans of old strips or comic books.
No, the artwork is all new.
Besides a weekly "sunday page" written and drawn by Jimmy himself there's an x-mas calendar going on right now with "fan art" by Swedish comic book artists.
My contribution appeared on Dec 2 and I had the pleasure to do the Jeep.

Here are a few of the other contributions:

Artwork by: Åke Forsmark, Natalia Batista, Alf Woxnerud and Hedvig.


PS. I havn't forgotten about the second part of "The Donald Duck backup issues". I'll try to post the second part this weekend. [Edit: Or so I thought. Am I ever so optimistic or what...]

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