Sunday, 24 April 2011

(The Unpublished) Barks Treasury pt. I

Back in 1996-97 Carl Barks did a large amount of drawings in colored pencils. Forty of them were released in 1997 in the book Barks Treasury by Applewood Books.
Drawing from Barks Treasury. Image taken from outducks.

Now, what about the other drawings? They were sold to private collectors and I bet some of them will never be seen by other Barks fans again.
Barks himself seems to have kept a binder with copies of the drawings and last year some of these copies were sold. Fortunately I was able to get low res snapshots of a few. (Better to have some images in low resolution than none at all ...)
So without much further ado here's part one of what I call "(The Unpublished) Barks Treasury". 

Barks made 26 drawings labeled "Misc."
Four of them, 23-26, will appear here on the blog.

Misc. 23 – "Last call for the clan McDuck"

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