Sunday, 15 May 2011

Roy Crane goodies

Here's some "bonus stuff" for those of you who bought the Buz Sawyer book mentioned in the last post.

The drawing below is simply listed as "promotional art" in the book and reproduced sans the gray shading.
Actually this was used in the 1946 promotional book "Famous Artists and Writers of King Features Syndicate". The theme for the illustrations in the book was "the future" and we can find Snuffy Smith on the moon, a Don Flowers girl riding a rocket ship etc.
In that context it's easier to understand Crane's drawing. It shows what to expect from the new strip in the future.

We also find an illustration from the Cartoonists cook book out of context in the preface. Here it is complete with the menue and the reason why Buz is using chopsticks. Enjoy!


PS. If the publisher wants these scans for publication I'd by happy to provide them.

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