Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Tom and Jerry artist identification

Calling all Funny Animal experts!
While scanning old Tom & Jerry proofs I came across a story by an artist I couldn't identify.
Anyone who can help? Would be nice to get the credits right.

Edit: The artist is Vic Lockman.
Thanks, Alberto!


Alberto Becattini said...

Hello Joakim.

I believe the artist (and letterer, and possibly writer) on this Tom and Jerry story is Vic Lockman.

Vic was (is, as he is still with us) a prolific writer (with over 7,000 stories produced, mainly for Dell/Gold Key/Western), but on occasion he would also drew, ink, and letter.

Love your blog.


Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Ah, YES!
Lockman it is!

Now I understand why the style was so familar to me! I'm just not used to see him doing other characters than ducks. :)

Thanks for identifying his work and for the nice comment about my blog. :)