Saturday, 10 December 2011

NF 266

Located a set of black and white proofs for the New Funnies #266 Woody Woodpecker story yesterday.
With the old Western publishing coloring still intact! (On separate sheets.) Sadly the lettering was missing, but all of the nice Paul Murry art was still there.
Here's a sample.

It's nice that stuff like this still turns up now and then, don't ya think?


Fabian Gordillo said...

Soy fan del "Pajaro Loco" como aquí lo conocemos. ¿Sabes de que año son esas historietas? Aquí en Argentina las editaba una revista infantil "Billiken" allá por la decada del ´80. Saludos y siempre paso por aquí.

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Hi, Fabian!
This Pajaro Loco story is from 1959. The other I have proofs to are from 1960-62.

I'm still missing proofs to a few of Murrys WW stories. So if there's anyone out there with proofs, let me know. Thanks!

Germund said...

Hey, a book collecting Murry's Woody Woodpecker stories, wouldn't that be a treat?