Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Westerner #194, 1966

Recently picked up a photocopy of the Whitman / Western Publishing Company in-house publication "The Westerner".
This is issue 194 from January 1966, the "Golden Anniversary Issue". If you are interested in the history of this legendary publishing company this is something for you.

The issue is 36 pages. More?

Update: Here's Part II
Part III and IV 


Mike Lynch said...

Love this and hope you will post the rest of the pages!

Tim Stroup said...

Fascinating. More please. Also, the link to the larger version of the last page isn't working, so its unreadable.

Ramon Schenk said...

More, more, more!!

Ankkalinnan Pamaus said...

Highly interesting piece. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I'd also love to see more of this!

Unknown said...

The "unknown" comment is from me- I apparently did not manage to sign my google account in correctly.
-henry andrews

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Glad you all liked it! :)
I have fixed the last page so you can read it now. Will scan more and post here later this week!

The rest of the headlines in this issue are:
"Once upon a time",
"Authors and Artists",
"Racine Division Serves Whitman", "Our man in Maume Valley",
"Hitch your Wagon to a Star", "All-Time Best Sellers"
"What does the Future Hold?"
All well illustrated. :)

ramapith said...

"Howlin' crashwagons!"
"Jumpin' jacksnipes!"
"Oh, fer th' luvva—WOW!..."
"Gawrsh! Will yuh lookit THET..."

To which I personally add: More, please.