Thursday, 22 March 2012

Artist identification. Help needed.

Update: The artist is Cecil Surry. Se the comments for more info. Thanks, Alberto!

A quick question.
We're about to reprint this Tom & Jerry story from T&J #69 soon.
And we'd like to give the artist credit for his work.
Anyone (Alberto?) who knows who did the artwork for this "Adventures of Tom" story?



Mike Lynch said...

I posted your request over at my blog. Good luck!

Kevin Deitz said...

It could be Harvey Eisenberg per this John K post:

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Kevin: Eisenberg had a more dynamic style, so it gotta be another artist. First I was thinking Roger Armstrong, but it's probably not?

(For some samples of Eisenberg's work take a look at these posts: ( )

Alberto said...

Hello Joakim and everybody!

The artist is Cecil Surry - - one of my favorites from the Dell era, actually.

He didn't do that much for comics (mainly Barney Bear, Fuzzy & Wuzzy stories), as he was primarily an animator. Following is his animation credits list, for those who may be concerned.

All the very best,

SURRY, Cecil Hays (19 Apr 1907-19 Sept 1956)
Assistant Animator: DISNEY c29-31 (Mickey Mouse 31 [The Barnyard Broadcast, Blue Rhythm], Silly Symphony 30-31 [Frolicking Fish 30, The Fox Hunt 31, The Ugly Duckling 31])
Animator: DISNEY c31 (Silly Symphony 31 [Egyptian Melodies 31, The Clock Store 31], Mickey Mouse 31 [The Castaway, The Beach Party]); LANTZ 32-35/52-53 (Oswald the Rabbit 33-35 [The Shriek 33, Going to Blazes 33, Beau Best 33, Ham and Eggs 33, Five and Dime 33, Confidence 33, The Zoo 33, Parking Space 33, The County Fair 34, Kings Up 34, The Ginger Bread Boy 34, Towne Hall Follies 34, Annie Moved Away 34, The Dizzy Dwarf 34, Spring in the Park 34, Elmer the Great Dane 35, At Your Service 35, Amateur Broadcast 35], Cartune 53 [The Dog That Cried Wolf], Foolish Fable 53 [The Mouse and the Lion, The Flying Turtle]); SCHLESINGER/WARNER BROS. June 35-36 (Merrie Melodies 36 [I’d Love to Take Orders from You], Porky Pig 36 [Porky the Rainmaker, The Village Smithy]); MGM c40-42 (Tom and Jerry 41-42 [The Night Before Christmas 41, Fine Feathered Friend 42]); HUGH HARMAN PRODUCTIONS c45 (Johnny Learns His Manners 46); UPA 50-52/53-56 (Jolly Frolics 50-52 [The Popcorn Story 50, Family Circus 51, Pete Hothead 52], Mr. Magoo 51-57 [Barefaced Flatfoot 51, Fuddy Duddy Buddy 51, Grizzly Golfer 51, Sloppy Jalopy 52, The Dog Snatcher 52, Magoo’s Masterpiece 53, Magoo Slept Here 53, Magoo Goes Skiing 53, Kangaroo Courting 54, Destination Magoo 54, When Magoo Flew 55, Magoo’s Check Up 55, Magoo Express 55, Madcap Magoo 55, Stagedoor Magoo 55, Magoo Makes News 55, Magoo’s Canine Mutiny 56, Magoo Goes West 56, Calling Doctor Magoo 56, Magoo Beats the Heat 56, Magoo’s Puddle Jumper 56, Trailblazer Magoo 56, Magoo’s Problem Child 56, Meet Mother Magoo 56, Magoo Goes Overboard 57, Matador Magoo 57, Magoo Breaks Par 57], Pete Hothead 55 [Four Wheels No Brake], Man Alive! 52)
NOTE: Comic Book artist for DELL/WESTERN c48-56 (Tom & Jerry, Barney Bear, Fuzzy & Wuzzy, Little Hiawatha and Mickey’s Nephews, Mr. Magoo)

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Thanks, Alberto! I'll let Anna (the editor of the Swedish T&J comic book) know on monday morning. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice opening panel!

Luca Boschi said...

Hello, Joakim!

Only now I see this...

Incidentally... It's possible that the storyman be John Stanley, who wrote many (if not all) the stories starring Tom with occasional funny animal partners, without Jerry and Tuffy.