Saturday, 14 April 2012

Rock Pincus versus the Earth-Monster! Part I

First: A short history lesson.

Back in the 60's the Swedish weekly magazine "Året Runt" ran Li'l Abner, or "Knallhatten" as he is known as here. Unlike the the american publication, where a certain sunday page had to be published on a specific date, the pages in Året Runt could be published years after they originally had been printed in the US. Not that it mattered, though. A good story is always a good story.
    However, the editor of Året Runt didn't think all Li'l Abner stories were that hot. He got them in bunches from Serie-Service who provided Året Runt with syndicated material, and he said no to plenty of them. Serie-Service even ordered lots of older stories from the United Feature Syndicate when the editor ran out of newer stories to choose from.
When he did come across a story he liked the sundays had the english dialogue removed and Swedish text added before publication.
End of story.


What happened to all the stories he rejected?
Guess what? The proofs to them just surfaced!
Covering the late 40's to the mid 60's, there are plenty of rejected ones that didn't see print in Sweden in that pile. And to see the artwork in sharp black and white: Wow!
Beeing a fan of Bob Lubbers I thought I should share a short story here, featuring his gorgeous artwork. (Don't know if he did all of the work on these pages, or if it was a teamwork. But Moonbeam is drawn by Bob, thats for sure.)
Three pages from 1963 featuring the Pincushions and Moonbeam McSwine.

To be continued ...


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