Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Close-up, part II

Time for an early piece by Dick Moores of Gasoline Alley fame.
This is a "Windy and Paddles" daily, the strip that followed in the footsteps of his Jim Hardy. 
This strip might not be everyones favourite, but look at the inking,
just look at the inking...
Lots of contrast between the different types of shading. And a nice use of black spaces. He sure knew what he was doing.

Shortly after this Moores joined the Walt Disney studio were he worked at the Comic Strip Department.  And this strip once belonged to one of his colleagues there: Bill Wright.
How do I know that? Just take a look at the back of the original art. :)

Watch out for the first volume of Dick Moores Gasoline Alley coming from IDW this fall!


Ger Apeldoorn said...

Are you still into Patterson?


Joakim Gunnarsson said...

I sure am.
But this link goes to the whole newspaper and I can't zoom in on the pages without having them broken up in pieces and having them randomly scattered over the screen. (Hard to describe what it looks like on my screen. Same problem in both Firefox and Safari.) Is it any way to download specific pages or search in the specific paper?

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Nope, this is just what's left of Google News Search after they abandonned it. In my case enlarging once up, gives the shambles you describe, but twice up it returns to normal again. After that I use the plus and minus commandoes to resize the image on the page until it reaches the border and then I use the 'make a photo of the selection' function on my Preview program. searching for pages or names has been disfunctioned as well. I sometimes go to the list of papers and randomly choose one. Which got me to this incredible one, which has all sorts of suff I was looking for (including the first samples of the Hi and Lois Sundays) as well as this strip by Patterson, which I am too busy to clip but wanted to share with you anyway. If you want to see more, you use the 'browse this paper' function and go through it Sunday by Sunday (and be warned, sometimes the Sunday section is folded into the Saturday paper).

Duck Dodgers said...

Hi, do you know what happened to "Buck O Rue"?
The book is not available on Amazon. Was it released or not?

Germund said...

The Buck O'Rue volume is printed and ready; the first copies were sent to publisher and editors three days ago, just a few days later than planned.