Sunday, 14 October 2012


Update: Both these listings were ended early. "This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available." Either the seller saw this post or found a buyer who forked up a large amount of money...
His account (jnhcollectibles) at has been closed. Seems that he sold mostly Peanuts forgeries there.
But he's still active at with his Barks and Schulz forgeries. Check 'em out!

"Redwoodangels13" continue to amaze me with his bad forgeries on eBay. And this time is no exception.
Take a look at this "Barks" piece.
I guess you see the same as I do?
This time he's trying to auction something as a Barks sketch that wasn't even drawn by Barks to begin with. Redwoodangels13 probably browsed Heritage auctions and found lot 44042, the poster from Walt Disney's Comics and stories #357, drawn by Larry Mayer. It's a version of the cover to  Uncle Scrooge 19.
Ho and hum.
The Mayer version sold for $2629 at Heritage. Let's see how much this one goes for. 
(You can find a post about the Heritage mistake HERE. )
Currently 4 bids $ 60.89

PS. Redwoodangels13 is most likely the same person as solixirgreen aka sohocollectibles2012 aka Jamaal Hill aka J.N.H. Collectibles. (Probably also: blenheim, hollyschweiger, chickensoup, oichechiuin, nodogsallowed, Bpmsgog and cosmogirl. Aliases used to raise bids.)  
And read the "Our Sales Practice" on the JNH website...
BTW:  HERE he sold the above Scrooge image to himself...

Update: The seller is showing more and more greed. Here's his latest auction.  
Currently 7 bids $112.50 

Looks like our redwoodangel found lot 92039 in the Heritage archive ...


Anonymous said...

But he's really improving as an inker. You gotta respect talent!

Anonymous said...

Can you report the guy, though? I mean, Ok that you want to punish those that fall into the trap, but maybe is time to show some mercy...

This time the guy added the signature which was absent in the fromer piece from Heritage. Maybe he is making Xerox copies so that he can sell one piece/year. Can you imagine the scum?

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Andrea: I've tried so many times to report fakes to eBay. No result. And I've mailed the seller too. No result.

For me it's not about punishing the ones who buys the pieces/falls into the trap, it's about spreading the word so that people will be more aware about the forgeries out there. Especially the ones that sells for a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

The last one is really good faked! Redwoodangels13 is a profi, maybe he has lot's of names on eBay and other sites... That confused my complete Barks Archive. Thanks to Joakim, that he founded the fakes!

Anonymous said...

As I download the pictures in my archive as "Barks-Fakes (!)" my Computer crashed down.... :D
What a accident!

francoisw said...

I do think Ebay has a responsability in not allowing people to report fakes. A long time ago (at the very beginning of the auction site), there was a possibilty to leave public message, and I did report fakes that way, but they closed that feature. Ebay is profiting from the sales of these fakes, and they have an incentive to not let people know that art sold on ebay could be forgeries. And obviously the problem is not only Barks art but much larger than this.
François (

francoisw said...

Not to mention EBAY is profiting from this, and has an incentive to not let people know that they could buy fakes. Long time ago, it was possible to leave public comments on their web pages; this feature has now been closed by ebay.