Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Want to buy a piece of art?

Update Oct 10: Added two more fakes below the first three!

Well, then stay away from these...

Fake 1
The above "Carl Barks signed Scrooge McDuck sketch" sold for $501.99 on eBay. 
Money that could have been spent wiser...

Fake 2

Fake 3

Fake 4

The above drawing is currently on eBay.
4 bids at $3.25. Will it reach $4? :)
Update: Sold for US $224.50.

Well, blow me down!
Just saw that the same seller,  redwoodangels13,  sold the drawing below for $183.50!!!
There sure are suckers out there...

(The sites where these items are sold can be reached by clicking "Fake 1" etc)


Smurfswacker said...

Somebody's out $501 for the "Barks."

Anonymous said...

Well, at least the first forger has some rudimentary inking ability.

I wonder what makes people with so little artistic discernment that they fall for these fakes interested in acquiring them in the first place?

Oh, wait - greed!

Anonymous said...

He wrote that He had a CoA for the last one...


Anonymous said...

That guy is a thief!


Anonymous said...

How can you see that the lastone is faked?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate that you post these, as it is very entertaining to see the drawings. Clearly I'm not an expert but isn't there still a shred of doubt that some of the drawings could actually be by Barks or Jippes on a bad day? I could see a situation where someone asks them to do a quick sketch and end up with a result that is not up to par with their usual style, especially given that Barks was active for a long time. The sketch with the traffic lights and the nephews is not that badly drawn in my opinion. Having said that, I know they're 99 percent sure to be fake, but one can't help wonder, for example why the signature in the last picture is not done with the same pen as the drawing, wouldn't you do that if you tried to fake something. Or maybe that's what they want you to think.. shrewd... well thanks anyway, it's always nice to see your posts here.