Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Stephen Silver on working for free

"Don't let companies take advantage of you. Here is why....."


Mick said...

I always use a plumber as reference when tackling this issue. there is no such thing as a cut price plumber... entirely 'free' plumbing is so unbelievable a concept that no one could imagine it. I have done so much for free without one single benefit EVER. remember the plumber, cite the rule of plumb

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

"The rule of plumb"
I'll remember that.:)

Unknown said...

Another good example is that of a Tax Accountant.
Nobody ever asks a tax accountant to do some income tax computation for somebody for free because it's their birthday or they are family or it will be good for their reputation, or a paid job will follow next semester...
And making artworks is much more difficult than calculating taxes and credits, and all!

Secondly and much more important: Artists should be solidary and not underprice the colleagues and, therefore, absolutely not work for free.