Monday, 11 February 2013

Adventures during lunch hour

During lunch today I grabbed three new comic books from our racks at work (I work at Egmont Kids Media Nordic AB in Sweden.):
Nemi #1/2013, Rocky #1/2013 and Pondus #2/2013.

Always nice to have something good to read during lunch.
But I wasn't prepared for what I was about to see...

In Rocky I saw a new comic strip called "I ett samhälle byggt på hårdrock..." Cool! Always nice to see the work of a new artist.
Here's the first spread in Rocky including a presentation of the artist Jens Rasmussen:

I continued my lunch by flipping through the pages of Pondus.
But - Hey! - what's this?

Another presentation of the artist and the same strips. Odd...

Now, guess what I found in Nemi? Yes, you guessed it...

I asked around a bit and it turned out that the guy had sold the same material to three different editors. Trouble is that the three editors seems to have been unaware of this. (Or that's what I've heard.)
The result is that the same company are publishing the same strips three times in three different comic books on sale in January/February. And the same company also paid him three times for the same material.

What to say? This is either incredibly clever or ...

PS: Why pay to read the strips in the above mentioned comic books, when you can read them for free online? The author posted them on his blog four months ago.

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