Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Imp Press - Part II

Some five or six years ago I saw some original pages drawn by Bill Wright beeing auctioned off by Heritage Auctions. Now, it wasn't any Mickey Mouse pages from WDC or even a Mickey daily.
No, this was someting that really had me wondering.

A story called Impy with references to Walt Disney, Frank Reilly at the Disney Comic Strip Dept and even Bob Grant!

What was this???
The auction only had the first few pages shown and I was stupid enough not to bid. (The complete story only went for ca $200-300.)
A year later it was sold again for even less money and now all of the pages were shown. I still had no idea what this was used for... until last week.

Back to the scans Bill Peckmann sent me.
The "mystery" revealed! Enjoy!

You know what?  Yeah, you guessed Wright!  There's more to come. :)
Part III can be found HERE. 

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