Sunday, 28 July 2013

Allan Kämpe is born!

Now, check this out!
Back in the 40's a rival to Alex Raymond's "Flash Gordon" was created in Sweden. The name of the comic was "Allan Kämpe" and the creator Eugen Semitjov. In this silent "documentary" short we get to see Eugen working in his studio and visiting the syndicate.

I never heard about this piece until today. What an amazing find.
Thanks to J. Smith and "Eugen Semitjovs Minnesfond" for restoring and uploading this historical piece!


Ger Apeldoorn said...

Looks as real as our Captain Radar.

Smurfswacker said...

Two notable things about this: first, how young the artist is! (Maybe it's just me getting old.) Second, how the corny humor bits remind me of that Caniff-at-Work video on YouTube:


I presume this is the raw footage from some kind of documentary. Was it ever made?

Preston said...

This is great!

J.E. Semitjov said...


My name is Jesper E. Semitjov, my father was Eugen Semitjov!

I have some original "Allan Kämpe" comic strips in my possession, and I would like to sell them so they can be appreciated by a serious collector! If someone are interested please contact me via e-mail:

Best Regards / J.E. Semitjov