Saturday, 31 August 2013

Fake $crooge

Fake Barks art can be found in the oddest of places. This piece was found on the Carl Barks Fanclub website! 

Compare it to the drawing on the cover to Uncle Scrooge in Color and you can easily see that the above piece is a rather clumsy tracing with a fake signature.

BTW: Where is this Scrooge image taken from?

Speaking of drawings that are not by Barks: The seller hailtotheseahawks recently *sold* two of the forgeries that "redwoodangels13" tried to sell some time ago on eBay. Be aware of this seller!


Andrea cara said...

I like the thumb though...

Arild said...

The Scrooge image is from "Billions in the Hole":

Third page, last panel.

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Arild: Yes, you found it. Thanks!
However, when I compared the two images the inking doesn't match. So I guess someone re-inked the image for the cover of US in Color. Wonder who?

boinger said...

Hi Joakim:
Now I wonder if the lithograph of the Wanderers of the Wonderland that I bought from mycomicshop is a fake, too?
The lithograph paper is about 1/2 lb paper card stock at 29.5 x 8 3/4 ". The back of the "lithograph" has an inkjet colour bleed of Uncle Scrooge's top hat. And then there's the Carl Barks signature at the bottom, which is signed with one type of pencil and the 5/5000 edition number with another type of pencil. The lithograph looks pretty good, but I could have printed out the same or better quality on my HP printer with a better type of paper. Maybe, I should ship this lithograph back and get a refund?

Otherwise, I'm enjoying the Fantagraphics Carl Barks series and look forward to the Don Rosa collection.

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Unfortunately I'm not an expert on the Barks lithos. (I don't even own one myself.) Maybe someone else who reads this knows if the description fits the real deal or not.

Arild said...

It is fake if it is called "Wanderers of the Wonderland" and not "Wanderers of Wonderlands" ;)

29.5 x 8 3/4"? Is this a mix of centimeters and inches?

I have this "lithograph" from Carl Barks estate. The size is 30 x 22,3 cm.
You cannot compare this print with the lithographs from Another Rainbow/Bruce Hamilton. It's not the same quality.

And yes, Carl Barks signed with a different type of pencil.

boinger said...

You are right, Arild. I must get more sleep after my work night shift.
30 x 22 centimetres
This lithograph is titled "Wanderers of Wonderlands", so I guess it is authentic.
I asked an ebay seller who specializes in selling Carl Barks about this lithograph. Qkick247 says it looks authentic to him even though the paper quality is no where near as good as the lithograph that was included with the Animal Quackers book by Carl Barks.