Sunday, 29 December 2013

F is for Fake

Time for some Barks forgeries again.
This time they turned up in the Barks cataloge produced by Karl Heinz Richard.
(He's the guy that makes Barks oils rare...)
Click HERE to see the online version of the cataloge.

First we have this piece that was sold by Profiles in History July 29, 2012
So obviously not by Barks I'm amazed that it can fool anyone. But... obviously it can, so I thought I'd better post the image here, to make people aware of this piece. This one should be destroyed by the police to avoid it entering the market again. Two close ups for those of you still in doubt.

The second one is what appears to be a study for the cover of Donald Duck 77. To me it looks like a rather crude tracing. Not by Barks. 

The third piece from the Barks cataloge is not a forgery.
But it's not by Barks... Sorry.
(The cover art is from Uncle Scrooge 189, 1981.)

To end this post on a happy note the catalog contained one piece that was new to me!
A pencil "rough" for the money salad cover! Enjoy!

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