Saturday, 21 June 2014

Nils the Cat in B&B 199!

Frequent visitors may have noticed the lack of regular updates the past year or two...
I havn't been lazy if that's what you think. No, no, no.
I've actually been writing and drawing comics more than before. One of the regular things I do is Nils the Cat (Katten Nils) togheter with my colleauge Johanna Kristiansson. Recently we were asked to do the cover for Bild & Bubbla #199, and last week it arrived!
If you can read Swedish and are interested in comics for kids this issue is something for you.

BTW: Here's my original inking for the cover, before we colored it.

(My layout sketch can be seen HERE, and Johanna's pencils can be seen HERE.)


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Jannes said...

I really like this- sadly I can't speak or read Swedish at all. Still, a pleasure just enjoying the craftsmanship.
I certainly wouldn't mind if the updates came out more frequently, but will keep visiting the blog either way. Lots of really interesting posts (and comments!) on this one.