Sunday, 4 October 2015

Mystery page

Just read Tom and Jerry #247 (Gold Key, 1969) and in the back of that book this page appears out of the blue:

Looks like the final page of a longer story.
No title page. This is what we get. Odd, eh?

I guess this is a reprint from a mid fifties issue? Would be nice to read the full story. If you know where it was published, feel free to leave a comment. :-)


Chris Sobieniak said...

Wish I knew. I wonder if including just that one page was a last-minute effort to fill in space for an ad that didn't show up.

Mesterius said...

I'm guessing this might have been a two-pager originally, and that some last-minute editorial changes resulted in the first page being mistakenly left out here. You likely wouldn't need more than a page to set up the basic conflict and storyline, judging by how the page we see plays out.