Monday, 7 August 2017

The real deal?

This drawing was auctioned yesterday. (Heritage Auctions)
Fetched $836.50 (Incl. BP).
Now, it doesn't look like Barks of 1982 vintage at all to me.
Never seen a Barks sketch that looked like this. Even the signature is off.

I'd have to say fake, when it comes to this piece.

The drawing below was withdrawn from the August - September ComicConnect auction. A rather crude fake. Happy it was pulled.


Anonymous said...

It's all fake. The majority of paintings from many other artists (sold in renowned auctions hosted by Drouot) are forgeries. Usually the fakes are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Auctioneers know that but they don't care as long as it sells.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way to actually legally PROVE that these are not by Barks? Technically anyone could argue that these COULD be real (maybe drawn half asleep in bed, or on a rocking train...)- we would all know it´s total BS, but I guess it´s not like in the "real" artworld... Well, 800 bucks is a lot of money for me, but in relation it´s just peanuts. Not worth proving anything, so this shady business continues... The auction house certainly should know better than to sell it, prove or not. Come on, man. You know.
I always show my girlfriend this stuff and we joke around about doing some fakes too in our spare time. I could certainly do better than this garbage. Oh, to be a scumbag... must be nice sometimes! That's some easy money.
I can´t feel that bad about anyone buying it though, I have to confess. Sure, they got tricked and that´s certainly not cool, but they obviously don´t know crap about Barks, so why buy it? Speculators getting taken by con men, I guess?

Anonymous said...

Thinking about it, that assumption is not really fair. I guess you could be a real lover of the comics and still don´t have the eye to see that this couldn't be a Barks rough. If that´s the case, I do feel for you, because one day someone who knows better will tell you and then you´ll be really disappointed...

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