Friday, 3 August 2007

Who am I?

Who am I and what's the purpose of this blog?
To most of you who reads this I'm a total stranger and you probably found this blog by surfing the net searching for artwork by a specific artist. Or maybe you followed a link posted in a forum or on a mailing list.
Well I thought it was time to write a few words about myself.
Sort of an introduction to this blog, and me.

Born in Sweden 1974 I was hooked by the comics medium in the late 70's, by reading comics in the morning paper.
Rip Kirby, Felix and Rasmus Nalle. Ahhh, those were the days. ;)
Growing up on Disney comics from my fathers collection (Especially Mickey Mouse by Floyd Gottfredson and Paul Murry.) I kind of always expected myself to be a comic artist.
So after finishing school I spent a few years in art schools, learning nothing but how to drink wine and throwing paint on a canvas, I decided to really go for the comics medium in 1997.
I had already been writing stuff for BAMSE, Swedens most popular comic book back then, since 1991 but now I made an attempt to really learn to draw comics.
I got the job as artist on BAMSE in 1998 and stayed with it for two years when I instead got a job as assistant editor for the book. I'm still working there and by now my title is "artwork/editor" wich means that I check all artwork by the other artists, designs covers etc. and also edit two of the Bamse titles.

In the evenings I do the one page comic Emma & Sara wich started in early 2001. A bi-weekly comic that runs in a magazine for teenage girls. I do that together with Emma Billbäck as co-writer and Hedvig Häggman-Sund assisting me with artwork. (Samples from E&S can be found earlier in this blog.)

If you wonder what I look like for real here's a silly photo taken last year. (Thats my cubicle here in the studio you see in the pic. And no, spooky ghost hands doesn't grow from original art. Don't believe every thing you see...)

Well, that's what I call a brief summary.
But what is the purpose of this blog?
Actually there is none...
"The artwork I make -The stuff I like" stated below the Sekvenskonst title probably says it all. I have created this blog to share rare comic related gems I find. And to show some of my artwork every now and then.
I hope you enjoy it. :)


Still only ONE who has dared to guess who the artists are on the pics I posted a few days ago.
Is it really that hard to recognize them? My girfriend made a correct guess who the female artist was at her first attempt...


gabriel valles said...

Thanks for the introduction. It sounds like we have a lot in common.

Anonymous said...

I like this blog and come here especially for all the pretty girls, thanks!

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

I'll make sure you'll get an overdose of pretty girls on this blog soon! :)