Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Tools and workspace Pt.II

Was home sick yesterday with a fever. No fun at all. My body is still working on getting a "back to normal" feeling.
But I'm in the studio now taking a break from my inking. Not that inspired today so I thought I should post the stuff I promised the last time around.

So here we go:
I sometimes use blue pen with neon leads ( Pilot eno) that are non reproduceable when I sketch a page. And I also use it when I transfer Hedvigs pencils to the board that I ink on. That way I dont have to erase the lines and it actually looks quite good to have lots of blue lines on your original art. Everyone who has a Pogo strip or a Jippes page know what I mean. :)

To pencil I use three different sizes of GraphGear 500 from Pentel. (All depending on if the details are small or big. Sizes vary from 0.3 to 0.9) They have a wonderful weight that makes them great to work with. All with HB leads.

To erase the pencil lines I either use a standard eraser or (for small details) a japanese eraser pen that I found on Åhlens in Gothenburg.

For lettering (Everything I do is hand lettered...) I use a Staedtler pigment liner 0.3 for standard size letters.
The frames are ruled with a Copic Multiliner 1.0. Both have ink that doesn't bleach with time. (Or at least I hope so...)
The third pen from the left is a brush pen from Pentel. Or my "Craig Thompson pen" as I call it. :)

The nibs I use are Brause 511 and 513 all depending on the mood I'm in. (One is stiffer the other softer.) Those I use on "Katten Nils". For "Emma & Sara" I use a W&N series 7 size 0. But since the quality is so crappy nowdays I'll probably switch to another brand.

To erase mistakes after I've inked a page I use a scalpel.

Then something to brush away all the dust from the original after I've erased the pencil lines.

I use Talens ink that I pour over from the big bottle into the smaller bottle. That way the ink stays fresh longer. The worst thing to work with is ink that has been exposed to air a long time and has become thick and hard to work with. Impossible if you work with nibs.
(If I notice that the ink in the small bottle gets thick I pour it into yet another bottle. The ink in that one I use for large black fields that needs really intense black.)
And lastly you see the thing I pour the ink into when I use a brush. (When I use a nib I just dip it into the bottle.)

For some more on my working methods please see the entries for February 2007 here.


Anonymous said...

Alltid intressant att se vad för material folk använder. Och jag ser att du använder "Pennornas Rolls Royce". Eh. Det var i alla fall vad butikstanten kallade den när min pöjk skulle köpa en.

Wanda Gattino said...

Hola!! pues tienes un lugar de trabajo mas espacioso que el mío!, y definitivamente eres mucho ,mucho mas ordenado que yo!! jaja, saludos!!