Sunday, 18 May 2008

The answers

David Gerstein said...
Whoa! You've gotten into some Stockholm proof storage room, either Semic's or Bulls'... fer gosh sakes, what a sight!

You are right David! What you see in the background is a small part of the old Semic archive. Tons of original art, proofs and old comic books in a giant storage. And the guy in the picture is my friend and colleauge Germund Von Wowern.
The painting he's holding is the original art to Kalle Ankas julbok 1950. The printed cover can be seen below. (Thanks to outducks.)

A report illustrated with loads of photos of rare and unique items will follow soon. Probably on tuesday or even tonight if I can find the time.

Right now I'm trying to finish an Emma & Sara page (Deadline tomorrow!) I've switched to felt tip pens to make the pages faster. And to avoid frustration with crap brushes...
Here's an unfinished panel with Sara and her sister.
Now I gotta go back to the drawing board. Work, work, work...

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Bob Cowan said...

Nice blog! Thanks for your 1973 on my Cinderella. I looked again and can't believe I missed the copyright 1973 stamp!
Saw that you had a few Terry items. Send me your email address and I'll send you some images of the Terry stuff I have. Thanks, again!