Friday, 16 May 2008

Who? What? Where?

Who is this man?
Where is the picture taken?
Exactly what is he holding in his hand?
And... why is he looking so silly in this pic? :)

Anyone who knows or wants to guess?

If not, you can just relax and wait.
The answers (or at least some of them) are coming soon to a blog near you. :)


Ole D. said...

Well... I know who he is. :-)
It's the where and what that puzzles me.

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

It's in a giant archive filled with original art and stacks of old comic books (most 10 copies deep) ranging from the late 40's up to 2008.

Håkan / Wakuran said...

I know Don Rosa has a huge archive, so I take a shot that it's him...

David Gerstein said...

Whoa! You've gotten into some Stockholm proof storage room, either Semic's or Bulls'... fer gosh sakes, what a sight!

David Gerstein said...

And that must be an original cover painting for one of the old Donald stocking stuffer issues. Am I right?