Friday, 11 July 2008

On Stage vol. 4

The fourth volume of On Stage by Leonard Starr (Classic Comics Press) arrived yesterday! :)
It's a thick volume. 264 pages!!! Reprinting dailies and sundays from June 13, 1960 to September 17, 1961. Beautiful artwork by one of the best "photorealistic" comic strip artists of all time. It also got a lenghty interview with Starr and a bonus gallery of rare stuff.

Took a few snapshots of the contents just to show you what to expect.

Now go to Classic Comics Press website or to and order it. Can't wait to read it myself. :)


Germund said...

Yes, indeed! Classic Comics Press' volumes just get better and better! Guess which book I'm spending my Friday evening with?

Andreas said...

This is how I want newspaper strip books to look! I've never been a big fan of On Stage or Starr, but maybe I should support the publisher anyway just cause they know how to get it right!

Germund said...

The higher numbers sold of existing volumes, the more interesting projects CCP will be able to start up. But oh yes, On Stage holds up well on its own merits.