Saturday, 21 February 2009

More Gottfredson in color

As a follow up to yesterdays post here is another Gottfredson watercolor piece that graced the cover of Alberto Beccattini's "Floyd & Mickey" book.

The photo below appeared in Leonardo Gori and Francesco Stajano's Gottfredson book.

It's dated 1986. (The same year that Gottfredson passed away.) I didn't think of it at first but when I looked closer I noticed something. There's a police motorbike in the lower right corner. (Clearly visible in the printed version of this photo.) Now, he did his last Willits watercolor in 1983. Or did he? Maybe this is a watercolor for another fan? The word must have spread that Gottfredson was doing this type of work and some others must have ordered similar works. Who? And where are those pieces now? Anyone seen other large finished watercolors by Floyd like those from the Willits collection?

Myself, I only got a tiny, tiny watercolor sketch of his character Mark O'Polo...

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