Friday, 6 March 2009

Bamse på skattjakt

Last month I finished the script for my second Bamse story book "Bamse på skattjakt". ("Bamse's treasure hunt") This one is based on a comic that I plotted and Mårten Melin scripted for Bamse in 2006.
The comic book version featured artwork by Lars Bällsten and the book will also be drawn by him. In fact that's what he's working with right now.

Here's a preview of the cover. (Rough sketch and inks by me, pencils by Lars.):

And a sneak peak at the interior (yet to be inked):

The book will be out in early August this year.

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Åke Forsmark said...

Jättesnygga. De där teckningarna har den där rätta Bamsekänslan som jag vill ha.