Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Early Turner daily

Got a package from Ron Goulart yesterday and inside was this Wash Tubbs daily by Leslie Turner.

It's water damaged and the copyright sticker has fallen off. But it's still a strong example of Turner at his best. Just look at his use of craftint and pools of black.
It might even be the earliest surviving daily signed by Turner. His first strip was published less than a month before this. Anyone seen an earlier original Turner daily?

However, the main reason for showing this was not to brag about it (ok, ok a little...) but to see if anyone knows who Leslie Turner gave it to. "another Les" says the inscription. Les who?


Åke Forsmark said...

It´s beautiful. I do miss these good daily adventure strips.

Smurfswacker said...

Beautiful is the word for it! Turner did wonderful work on this strip. The American collector magazine "Big Fun Comics" reprints several postwar Captain Easy adventures that overflow with great locations, exciting storytelling, pretty girls and excellent scripts. Leslie Turner deserves a lot more attention than he's gotten so far.

Alex van Koten said...

Because of Ron Goularts Book,The Adventurous Decade I became a fan of Leslie Turner. Thanks for posting this original. Greetings from Haarlem, Holland.