Monday, 28 September 2009

Felix week - Part I

I guess this post only will be of interest to the Swedish and Danish readers, but anyway...

This weekend the creator of Felix, Jan Lööf, visited Gothenburg and the Bookfair.
That made me think of the OTHER Felix artist. Most scandinavians are familar with Lööf's original version of Felix, but seems to have forgotten that Felix actually continued long after he left the strip.
The artist/writer that succeded him was Werner Wejp-Olsen and it was his version of the strip that ran in the papers when I was a kid. I remember saving the strips from the newspaper and I read them over and over and again.
Until I was 10 or so.
My birthday party was coming up and I was ashamed of having a comic strip collection.
So I took all the strips I had saved (Since I was 5!) and threw them all away... I think I had more than 75% of Wejp-Olsens run. Sigh...
But a few years ago I got hold of a collection that included tearsheets of many of the stories I enjoyed as a kid.
Only a few of his stories was reprinted in albums in the early 80's. This post and the upcoming Felix posts will show strips from the unreprinted stories. Just to make some of you bug the publishers to reprint them. ;)

Here we go. Some strips from the Van Gook story. (Felix #16) Notice two familar faces showing up at the end of the story.
(I'm just too tired to write something substantial about Felix today. I save that for later. Until then, read and enjoy.)

Unfortunately I don't have any 100% complete adventures. So if you got tearsheets to loan or sell I'd be happy to hear from you. :)


Håkan / Wakuran said...

Now, what's that? Harpo speaks?

Joakim said...

Well, it's actually just "Van Gook" that speaks through his mouth. :)
A strange but entertaining story.

Éver Ton said...

you have talent. good jobs! you have good likes! :)

Lars Jensen said...

Great memories.

Joakim, regarding those tearsheets: why don't you just ask Werner yourself? Perhaps he still has some artwork lying around.

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Lars: Yes that's one of those things I've been thinking about doing but havn't got around to do.