Monday, 24 January 2011

Kley and Fawcett

Got the following news from Ulrich Merkl:
"From Feb. 17 to May 1 there will be a wonderful Heinrich KLEY exhibition in München/Germany:

It has been curated by world’s no.1 KLEY expert Alexander Kunkel, author of this brand-new & definitive KLEY biography:
Apart from more than one hundred original KLEY drawings, you’ll also find selected top pieces by Klinger, Stuck, Kubin, various Simplicissimus artists, and artwork from Disney cartoons.
There will be a catalog with 120 colour illustrations (25 Euros).
Please spread the word about this wonderful effort!"

And from Bill Peckmann I got the word that Manuel Auads Robert Fawcett book is hot off the presses!
This is a book I personally have been waiting for. Can't wait to get it!

Check out at

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