Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Puzzle Pt VI

Two more pieces!

Now, there are only two pieces left after these two.
I have to admit it's almost impossible to figure out what the right answer is.
A clue: Sold on eBay a while ago.
(Doesn't mean that this actual item was sold on eBay, though. But if you saw the eBay item, the clue will hopefully lead your thoughts in the right direction. )
If you just want to guess, feel free to do so. The original art cataloge will be given to the one with the best guess, if no one gives the right answer. (If you want to submit your guess privately please mail me at: sekvenskonst at telia.com )

1 comment:

Arthur said...

I've gone through pictures of Dell Uncle Scrooge comics and looked through the Uncle Scrooge comics that sold on eBay, but I cannot find it. It looks like a Barks cover, but I don't recognize it.