Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Close-up: Jim Holdaway

Modesty Blaise #1769.


Åke Forsmark said...

Det är ju så självklart. Varför gör man inte sådär?

Smurfswacker said...

Fa-a-a-ntastic! Those details are amazing.

Anonymous said...

En mästare i toppform.
Helt egen stil, aldrig matchad.
Tack för närbilderna


Unknown said...

What nervous and lively lines!
Thanks, Joakim.
Don't hesitate to give us more Holdaway. (Especially Rome Brown!)

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Yves: Sure! I can take a few snapshots of another Holdaway or two. However, no Romeo Brown. I've never seen an original daily from that strip. Never heard of anyone who got one. They might have been thrown away a long time ago. But who knows...?

Unknown said...

Thanks, Joakim. Too bad about Romeo. All the reproductions I know are really on the light side, most of the thin detailed lines have disappeared.
And I think his style was quite different than in Modesty Blaise. It all looks like drawn from live models or at least from especially made and posed photographs... (Or maybe that was "only" the mark of his fantastic talent!)

Unknown said...

Check this out!
You can make millions Joakim and did not not it!



Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Oh, it's Jeff McCain again and his "materpieces".
Entertaining in a way. ;)