Saturday, 9 March 2013


Ever heard about Goldtiger?
"Of all the Sixties newspaper strips one of the most discussed—yet rarely read—has to be Antonio Barreti and Louis Shaeffer’s GOLDTIGER. Commissioned by the Baskerville Newspaper Group as their answer to the Evening Standard’s MODESTY BLAISE."

Original art to the first Goldtiger daily.
"Working with Shaeffer, a writer entrenched in the world of crime and sci-fi pulp magazines, Barreti produced the first serial as a complete work with story outlines and sketches for a further six adventures. Unfortunately the strip was deemed too sensational and the idea was shelved."

"This coincided with a mental breakdown for the artist and four years mental rehabilitation in a Turin clinic. Not one to let insanity hold him back, Barreti continued to produce GOLDTIGER strips through this period, with Shaeffer posting the artist his scripts. The main issue for the editor at the Baskerville Newspaper Group was certainly the sexuality of its main characters. In an intentionally subversive twist, both Lily Gold and Jack Tiger were openly homosexual, a step too far even for the so-called ‘swinging sixties’. "

The infamous "Let's go diving" strip from 1966, that caused quite a stir!
Does it sound intriguing?
Do you want to see this strip in print?
In a hardcover edition?
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You might be in for a surprise. ;)
But don't wait. Only a few days left to go and still ca 200 persons will have to pledge the hardcover, for the creators to reach the goal.

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Karl-Erik said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that the funding will come through... It would be a crying shame if this project fizzle out!