Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Westerner 1982 part I

Remember the issue of "The Westerner" posted here last year?
(The "Golden Anniversary Issue" #194, published in January 1966.)
Now, thanks to Michael Barrier, Dana Gabbard and the Racine Wisconsin Public Library here's the "Commemorative issue" from 1982!
Thanks for scanning and letting me post this find, guys!!!

Here's part one: The history of Western Publishing 1907-1915!

Click here to read Part II.


Dana Gabbard said...

And this may be just the start! Brent Swanson promises to soon scan a jaw dropping obscurity from the history of Western Publishing that may well have escaped being documented except for the happy accident that Brent held onto it until this age of wonders where such items can be preserved digitally and shared with the wide world. Thanks to comments from Geoffrey Blum I am launching a search for Western historic obscurities, mostly inspired by Michael Barrier's soon to be released book about Western and its creators that promises to be groundbreaking. Anyone who wants to join in the fun should e-mail me at dgabbard at

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

I might add that the issues are pretty hard to find but if any of you blog readers see one up for auction that you really want, feel free drop me an e-mail and I can stay away from bidding.
Or else there might be risk for a bidding war. Every interesting issue or article I find will eventually end up here on the blog anyway. :)
sekvenskonst at telia dot com

Dana Gabbard said...

Actually Poughkeepsie NY and Racine WI libraries hold issues of the series. These are the two special issues with historical content that seemed most worth pursuing. Mike Barrier has mentioned consulting issues while conducting his research (his mention of it is what lead me to Google and stumble across Joakim's posting of the 1966 issue).