Monday, 13 May 2013

Barks in the limelight

Dana Gabbard has yet again provided us with a rare piece of Barksiana:

"My friend Brent Swanson has found another Barksian rarity, a 1994 issue of Mouse Rap Monthly that includes a picture of Carl Barks posing with Disney legends Ward Kimball, Eyvind Earle and Marc Davis. My accompanying article is a bit gushy but does give an accurate picture of the state of Barks' activities in the mid-1990s" /Dana

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Don Schockow said...

Hi. My name is Don Schockow and it was such a pleasant surprise to see a story from Mouse Rap Monthly on the internet! You see, I was the publisher and creator of Mouse Rap Monthly and it sure brought back a lot of great memories of the stories we covered and the wonderful people that helped us along the way. Thanks for the great memories of Mouse Rap Monthly!

Don Schockow
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