Monday, 6 May 2013

Jamaal Hill - again

Yep, the guy is back selling forgeries.
This time it's a fake based one of the last drawings of Uncle Scrooge that Carl Barks did.

The above drawing is based on the 1997 Barks piece "Last Call for the clan McDuck". However this tracing is so poorly done that the only one he's attracted as a bidder yet is "cosmogirl". But, hey, that's one of his aliases! Check out the auction HERE

Will he ever stop? Nah, not as long as there are people falling for this kind of stuff. 


Unknown said...

Hi Joakim,

Thanks for your wonderful blog. I always enjoy it. My ony wish is that you'd update a bit more frequently.

Regarding the fake Barks, it's a travesty, but you know you can report him to ebay and give them your best arguments why it's fake and then that can make him lose his license to sell.

All the best from Costa Rica


Fabian Gordillo said...

Joakim, ¡Que atrevido este sujeto! aquí en Argentina este tipo de falsificaciónes le decimos "Truchadas" ¡Que trucho este tipo!

¡¡Abrazo desde las pampas argentinas!!

Katherine said...

I am amazed TWICE by the existence of these outrageously bad forgeries of Barks. Once by the fact they even exist in all their awfulness; and twice by the fact that, apparently, people are buying them. (Or else he wouldn't keep putting them up.)

Actually, he may not be successful in selling them. Who knows? I know I certainly wouldn't want to be the dumbell who bought one.

I recently saw some equally bad forgeries, also on eBay, of Felix strips supposedly by Messmer. I should have noted the name of the perpetrator. Sorry.

Actually, I don't consider these to really be forgeries. A true forgery is a superbly rendered fake, so very true to the original artwork or artist, that sometimes even experts are fooled. Our pal on eBay certainly doesn't fit that description. It's not a forgery, it's a con.

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Gorm, Fabian and Katherine: Thanks for the comments! I've tried to report forgeries to eBay and other sites before, with no result.
By showing some of the fake stuff I see here, I hope that people will become more aware theat there are some not so genuine stuff out there. :)

Unknown said...

The loose, "coloring book" appearance is a tip-off. The current (5/11/13) bid of $130 is another. That would be a low price even for an autographed comic book.