Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Saved from the trash

For many, many years all of the Disney comic books and other printed matters were printed by Egmont (Hemmets Journal) themselves. When the printing plant was closed down a few years ago their archives were packed down in boxes and stuffed away. Yesterday the boxes were pulled from storage and were made ready to be thrown away to make space for new stuff. I had the chance to grab whatever I wanted before they went to the dumpsters.
Most of it were from the 70's and 80's. But one box were filled with promotional stuff etc from the 40's -the 60's.
Here are some samples of what I found.

The Nephew above to the left is probably from the mid 50's. Donald is probably from a later date.

In the box with the really old stuff i found a folder marked "Provtryck 1948" (Test print 1948) and it contained three copies of what looks like a test print of the first issue of Kalle Anka & C:o. The interior is the same as in the printed version. It's just the cover colors that differs. I guess it's not worth as much as the version that was finally released but If anyone has an estimate I'd be happy to know.
BTW: If anyone is interested in buying the other two copies I found please leve a message in the comments field.

[Edit: This was an April Fools joke. A successful one judging by the mails I recieved and that I've never had as many visitors on one day as when I posted this. :) ]


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I should write in english or swedish but anyway I'm intressted in one of the two remaining copies. Would be a nice peice in my collection. Best regards/Henrik

Anonymous said...

Låter roligt; jag köper gärna en om det går :-)

Peter Nyren said...

Men Joakim, du har ju serievärldens "Tre Schilling Banco" i handen! Den måste vara mer värd än en vanlig 1/48. Sånt som är sällsynt är mer värt, det har jag lärt mig i Kalle Anka.
(Annars kanske du kan sänka tidningen i Atlantis så ska du se att den blir mer värd)
Peter Nyrén

Are Myklebust said...

Aprils Fool ! : )

Anonymous said...

Oj vad jag gick på den!

Bild 1: "April"

Bild 2: "April"

Bild 3: "Din"

Bild 4: "Dumma"

Bild 5: "Sill"

Svalde betet med hull och hår! Tur man har en skarpsynt flickvän.

Photoshop? Väldigt snyggt gjort!

Anonymous said...

Men jag vill ju ha en gul KA; den är så himla mycket snyggare än den röda! ;-)

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Visst var det kul. :)
Lite gamla godingar ur lådorna för att göra posten mer trovärdig och så ett photoshopat omslag som skrevs ut och veks runt en Bamsetidning.
Jag kom på det här skämtet den 2:a april förra året så väntan har varit lång. :)
Observant att se att jag döpt bilderna till "April, april" förresten. En eloge till den skarpsynta flickvännen!

Eng: This is all a April Fools joke. There's no such creature as a yellow 1/48. (Wich would have been worth at least a hundred thousand sek...) The story is also fake.
But the rest of the posted stuff are for real.

Ramón Zarate said...

Brilliant! Best joke of the year!