Sunday, 1 November 2009

eBay oddities

Some people are just begging for the cops to knock on their doors.
Like The Gallery on Baum. They are continuing to sell forgeries on eBay for loads of cash. The Krazy Kat drawing I showed some time ago sold for $769.99! And the "Larson" cartoon went for $1035. They are really drawing their own money!
I wonder how much this "Caniff" will fetch...
[Edit: It went for $76. For a piece of worthless paper! Wooha! There are sooo many suckers out there!]

From the item description: "Any monetary refunds after initial 7 day return policy must include a signed letter by a noted authority stating item is not as described and what is wrong with item. We do not accept opinions." That pretty much says it all.

And while I'm on thew subject of odd eBay objects. What's this? "Carl Barks, Scrooge and Christmas".


Smurfswacker said...

Has anybody attempted to get ebay to toss these guys out? Their "Addams" art in equally bogus. Even money-hungry ebay stands to lose a lot of credibility if they allow these guys to continue fleecing bidders.

Joakim said...

I mailed the guy, telling him the stuff was all forgeries. And he thanked me for the information (!!!) and let the auctions continue. So he clearly knows what he's doing.