Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Story germs and Gyro ideas

In an earlier post I mentioned the Carl Barks "Story Germs" folder I bought. I thought I should let you see what it looks like.

Notice the "A Few Choice Examples of Businessman's Bebop" newspaper clipping peeking out.

Here we see one of Peggys ideas on top, an "interoffice communication" message from Chase Craig, glimpses of story ideas and a Bob (Calgary Eye-Opener) Edwards letter head.

I also have a Gyro Gearloose folder with lots of ideas and plots.

Here we can see some ideas. Both used and unused. Including an abandoned storyline for Gyro #3. As Barks red notes in the margins shows he used bits and pieces for the mailman story.

Somewhere in this folder is Barks plot for the unfinished Pied Piper of Duckburg story. :)
Hope you enjoyed the photos. :)

Now, I wonder how many sheets were removed from these folders before I bought them...

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