Sunday, 7 March 2010

Donald Duck puzzle from 1950

OK! So I guess the quick quiz in last post was a bit too hard even for the most fanatic donaldist. (Not counting Germund von Wowern, of course.)
The puzzle piece shown was taken from a 1950 Whitman frame-tray puzzle. And what makes this puzzle interesting is that it's drawn by Paul Murry. One of the best Disney artists in Western Publishing's stable at that time. As far as I know it's the only puzzle done by him.
And it's quite large too. I've placed it next to a 1950's issue of Donald Duck so you can compare.
Got it from the Western Publishing files.
That explains why it looks like new.

[If any publisher would like to use the image, just let me know and I'll make a sharp, high resolution scan. Then you can either remove the colors, or use as is.]

Gunnar Andreassen just pointed out the similarity to the cover of WDC 129. If the seller of Western Publishing's archives had his papers right the puzzle was published in 1950. WDC 129 hit the stands in the spring of 1951. But wich image was actually drawn first we'll never know, I guess. Might even have been roughed by someone on staff at Western and sent out to the two artists at the same time.


Gunnar Andreassen said...

See also WDC & S no. 129. Which of them came first ?

Are Myklebust said...

Joakim; you should perhaps mention that the artist of the WDC&S cover is Bob Grant.