Monday, 15 March 2010

Rosetta Teddy

Swedish comics historian Fredrik Strömberg is currently working on a new edition of the book Swedish Comics History. (Published soon and distributed by Top Shelf in the US.) That book will feature a list of Swedish comics that at one time or another was published in German, English or French.

Trying to help out I was going through my files at work today. And I found some early samples of Rune Andréasson's strip Teddy from 1951.
In English and German! However I have no idea if they really were published in Germany or England or if these samples were just strips prepared by the syndicate. (If anyone have seen these in print in those countries, please let me know.)
Here are the first three strips for those of you who are interested in seeing them.

As a bonus for the Swedish readers, here's a presentation from the early 50's:

And while I'm at it.
Here's a strip from the adventure of Teddy and the little donkey. (A storyline that Rune used over and over again through the years.) What makes it interesting, to researchers of the history of Rune Andréasson's comics, is that this might be the very first appearence of the Krösus Sork (Croesus Vole) prototype Sork-Sam, even if he's not named here.

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