Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Panel layouts by Barks


If original comic book pages by Carl Barks from the 60's are rare, comic page layouts from that period are even rarer. But here are a few samples.
A sheet that features the opening panel and a panel from the 7'th page of Beach Boy, WDC 276, 1963.
The story was sent in to Western in September 1962 so it's a safe bet to say that these are from August-September that year.

As you can see he the layout for the opening panel is the same as the finished one.

For the panel on page 7 we have two different versions.

Now, the reason why these were saved by Barks was probably because of what was written on the reverse. An unused (?) Junior Woodchucks title: Cookieboy. Probably to be saved for later.

Instead the not-so-clever title Gpootkh was used.

Coming up next Wednesday:
The script for a published 1960's Scrooge page and some mysterious sentences written on the reverse of the script.:)

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